New Jersey Condo insurance coverage

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Condo insurance coverage

Condo Insurance

At All Atlantic Insurance Agency in New Jersey, we write condo insurance policies to suit the specific needs of different condo units. We work hard to meet and exceed the requirements of our clients. Our agents are professional, experienced, and always willing to help.

Our Condo Insurance Coverage Options

Personal Liability Coverage

Our personal liability coverage protects you if a third party gets injured in your condo unit under unintentional circumstances that are deemed to be caused by your negligence. It helps pay for their medical costs. If they choose to sue you, it helps to pay for the legal costs.

Personal Property Coverage

We write unique quotes for personal property insurance depending on the type of property that is in a condo unit. This policy helps to pay for the repair or replacement costs of your personal property in case of covered risks such as fires or theft. Our actual cash value policy compensates you for the selling value of your property which is its buying price minus depreciated value. Our replacement cost coverage compensates you for the value of your property without deducting the depreciation value.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage

If your condo is damaged by covered risks, our additional living expenses coverage helps to pay for the extra charges you may incur while getting alternative shelter. It compensates you for reasonable extra expenses such as hotel payments until your condo becomes conducive for living in again.

Building Property Protection Coverage

If the walls or interior structures and fixtures of your condo unit are damaged by covered risks such as fires, our building property protection coverage will compensate you for the repair or replacement costs.

Loss Assessment Coverage

If you share responsibility with other owners of condo units for a certain piece of property, our loss assessment coverage will compensate you for your share of payments while replacing or repairing the property.

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