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Umbrella insurance coverage

Umbrella Insurance

One of the most certain things in life is uncertainty. You could get involved in a road accident, or your dog could bite your neighbor's kid. A guest could fall down your home stairs, or your teen driver could hit and badly injure a cyclist, and you could be held responsible and required to pay for damages. The good thing is that you have an insurance policy that covers liability.

But wait, what if you're the judge awards the victim a compensation amount that goes beyond what your standard liability covers? How will you raise the extra amount of money? This is the primary reason why you need an umbrella insurance policy from All Atlantic Insurance Agency to protect your assets in New Jersey.

What You Need to Know About Our Umbrella Insurance Policy

Our umbrella insurance seeks to protect you when you are sued after an event that transpired in your home, car, or any other incidents you might be responsible for causing. For instance, if you are driving and you accidentally hit a cyclist or pedestrian, the affected person may sue you for medical expenses.

Or let us assume that you are hosting a come-together party in your New Jersey home and one of the visitors trips down your stairs. The injured person could sue you for injuries as well as emotional pain and suffering. Although your standard home policy will mostly cover this type of personal liability, there are limits to what an insurance company can pay.

Once you exceed these limits, your umbrella insurance policy from All Atlantic Insurance Agency will kick in. You can think of our umbrella insurance policy as a secondary liability policy to your standard home, auto, or renter's insurance policy.

Protect Your Assets

We shall be there to ensure that you don't sell your hard-earned assets to cover the additional amount required when you are sued, and the compensation awarded goes beyond your standard liability coverage limit. We shall also cover any litigation arising from personal injury and property damage.

Contact us today for an umbrella insurance policy. Our agents can help you get a quote and answer any questions you may have concerning coverage options.